The Week in Focus: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 Outlook

Jan. 28, 2017 (Commerzbank AG) – Trouble ahead between Trump and Fed?

The Fed plans to raise interest rates, whereas President Trump wants stronger growth. Thus, a conflict is looming between the Administration and the Fed. However, Janet Yellen and her deputy Stanley Fischer are both likely to step down by mid-2018, and Trump is unlikely to nominate a Republican hardliner such as John Taylor to succeed Yellen. A more likely choice would be a pragmatist from his own circle. Such a choice would support our view that monetary tightening will only proceed cautiously.

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Brexit: Struggling to take back control

Prime Minister May highlighted that the government remains committed to triggering Article 50 by March and is prepared to leave the Single Market. But in contrast to her previous statements, parliament will be allowed a vote before Article 50 is initiated and she has conceded that further detail of the plans will have to be set out in a white paper.

Outlook for the week of 30 January to 3 February 2017

  • Economic data: The inflation rate in the euro zone should have risen sharply again in January to 1.4%, and in Germany possibly as high as 2%. Even if the core inflation rate in the euro zone is set to remain below 1%, it could fuel speculation about a turnaround in ECB monetary policy. In the USA, the labour market continues to run smoothly.
  • Bond market: Prior to any more sustained market stabilisation, Bunds will have to ride out a storm of high profile risk events and macro data releases.
  • FX market: The currency market is waiting for the Fed to release the statement of its monetary meeting next week. But even if the Fed were to stick to its upbeat view of the economic outlook, this is unlikely to support the USD.
  • Equity market: Bearish investors have been depressing the P/E valuation of DAX auto stocks and are no longer willing to hold exposure to the DAX auto sector. In our view, this stance is too pessimistic.
  • Commodity market: The price of Brent threatens to slide back below 55 USD again next week. On the base metals markets, trading volumes remain limited, on account of the Chinese New Year, but encouraging PMIs should keep the mood buoyant.

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