All Things Forex Broadcast: Will the Trend of JPY Weakness Continue?

In the broadcast today: Will the Trend of JPY Weakness Continue? As the Japanese yen remains under pressure and registers new multi-year lows against the U.S. dollar, we examine the factors weighing on the JPY and explore the potential for the persistent trend of yen weakness to continue further, we analyze the latest trend developments in the USD/JPY currency pair, we note the range-bound price fluctuations of the EUR/USD exchange rate, we keep an eye on the sell-off in the GBP/USD pair, we highlight the market’s reaction to the statement by a Japanese opposition leader, the Bank of Japan Meeting Minutes, the U.K. Industrial Production and Trade Balance, we discuss new forecasts from Bank of New York-Mellon and JPMorgan Chase, and prepare for the trading session ahead.

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