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Wild GBP Ride Steals the Spotlight from the U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls


The world's largest economy added lesser than expected 156k jobs, but the real story of the currency market was the "flash crash" in the GBP which dropped 6.1% and registered new 31-year lows, blowing up all technical support levels in the $1.20's...


USD suffers as Fed Decides to Wait and See, while BOJ Starts New Experiment


The U.S. dollar ends the week quiet after a day of losses caused by the Fed’s decision to maintain its wait-and-see approach to hiking rates. Political back-and-forth shakes the GBP on statements from British Foreign Secretary of a swift Brexit...


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USD Ends the Week Strong as Data Bolster Fed Rate Hike Narrative


The USD had a good week which delivered a sequence of positive U.S. Retail Sales and other economic data that strengthened the case for a Fed rate hike, with futures now showing 68% probability that the Fed will raise rates by the end of 2016...


US$ rises after good economic data and as global markets dwindle


The U.S. Dollar rallied overnight after economic figures fell in line with expectations. GDP figures out of the U.S. indicated a steady rate of growth. Personal Income also met its forecast of 0.2% expansion, Personal Spending stayed put at 0.0%...


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The Week in Focus: Oct. 17 – 21 Outlook

The map of Europe on the face of a two Euro coin

We do not expect any new decisions from the ECB governing council until the meeting in early December. Next Thursday, discussions are thus likely only to focus on the direction the council will take. One issue is likely to be the profitability of banks...


The Week in Focus: Oct. 10 – 14 Outlook


The US presidential election may become the key driver for USD. Events that are normally important would lose their relevance to the FX market if market participants begin to assume outcome of the election will have influence on the Fed’s actions...


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Post Brexit Fed, ECB, BOE and BOJ Watch


The world seems different these days following the Brexit vote and two days of a sell-off in the markets. The GBP is at its lowest level in three decades and the safe haven currencies are back in demand. So, what's next for the major central banks?


Yen Gains “Extremely Concerning”


Speaking about the possibility of intervention by the Bank of Japan to stem the alarming rise in the yen, the Japanese Minister of Finance expressed concern about the recent JPY rally, while the BOJ Governor said his focus is on price stability...


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