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U.S. Dollar Is Reverting Back to Its Traditional Safe-Haven Status


The greenback has long benefitted in times or financial or geopolitical chaos for its perceived safety and the USD has reverted to its status as a traditional safe-haven in recent days as terrorist attacks in Turkey and Germany rattled investors...


ECB Puts the EUR Back Under Pressure, the Ball is Now in the Fed’s Court

The map of Europe on the face of a two Euro coin

The initial results from the Italian referendum may have failed to add additional pressure on the EUR but the European Central Bank's decision to expand its QE program until December, 2017, did the job later in the week. The ball is now in the Fed's court...


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The JPY Sees a Bit of a Revival while the U.S. Dollar Bulls Get Quiet


The Dow Jones is close to hitting 20,000 points while the greenback continues to swim around multi-year highs against most peers except vs. the JPY which has managed to stage a healthy, long-overdue correction of some of its recent losses...


USD Retraces Some of its Gains but Still Holds Near Historic Highs


After an historic rally over the past day and a half, the U.S. dollar ended the week slightly lower against its European counterparts. Nevertheless, the greenback remains at historically strong levels and the trend remains in the greenback's favor...


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The Week in Focus: Jan. 23 – 27 Outlook


U.S. GDP figures for the fourth quarter due to be released in the week ahead ought to show that economic growth was again solid, albeit unspectacular, at around 2%. In the euro area, sentiment indicators should have peaked...


The Week in Focus: Jan. 16 – 20 Outlook

ECB Draghi3

After the December decision to extend the bond buying programme to the end of 2017, will the European Central Bank make it clear that, despite recent positive economic data from the euro-area, the Council is not planning to enter the exit phase yet?


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Commerzbank View of 2017: The year of politics

Happy New Year

Investors will have to keep a close eye on politics next year. We believe Donald Trump’s policies will stimulate economic growth and inflation only to a limited degree. That said, his election has triggered a long overdue reappraisal of the US economy...


Amplify Trading’s New Year Outlook


As we wind down an interesting year for the global markets, Amplify's Head of Trading, Piers Curran, provides his 2017 insights. Here is a summary of what Piers thinks about some of the biggest issues facing the global financial markets in 2017...


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