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All Things Forex Trading Room: Will the EUR Continue to Strengthen Despite the ECB?

The map of Europe on the face of a two Euro coin

As the EUR continues to demonstrate resilience despite of the attempts by the ECB to talk it down, we examine the factors supporting the single currency and explore what might be the future direction of the EUR/USD exchange rate...


All Things Forex Trading Room: Is there Further AUD and NZD Appreciation to Come?


In light of the upcoming Reserve Bank of New Zealand interest rate announcement and the Australian CPI report, we take a close look at the currencies "down under" and explore the potential for further strengthening of the AUD and the NZD...


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European Central Bank may inject more money into weaker eurozone nations

ECB Draghi

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi under pressure to peg back the strength of the euro to boost struggling economies. Draghi, who has come under intense pressure, said the strength of the euro had become another reason to consider extra stimulus...


Fed likely to keep tapering after US gains 192,000 new jobs in March


U.S. nonfarm payrolls show the economy added 192,000 new jobs in March, but the jobless rate remained flat at 6.7%. January and February's figures revised higher. ING economists forecast that Janet Yellen and the Fed won't be alarmed...


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US economy hampered by severe winter weather, Fed Says

Eccles Building, Constitution Ave, from Mall

Consumer spending in the United States lessened because of cold, snow and storms during the winter months according to the Federal Reserve’s ‘beige book’ report. But was the cold weather the only factor to blame for the weak economic data?


IMF upgrades UK economic growth forecasts


Forecast for U.K. economic growth of 1.9% this year raised to 2.4% with IMF chief Christine Lagarde declaring 'optimism is in the air'. IMF may also upgrade its outlook for the global economy, which in October it predicted as expanding by 3.6% this year...


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Inflation is too low in the Eurozone


It's not clear what the European Central Bank can do about the problem. Mario Draghi and his colleagues are faced with a stubborn inflation which remains stuck at 0.8%, well below the central bank's 2% target for the currency zone...


Bank of England flags up housing market concerns

Bank of england

Financial policy committee 'concerned about potential risks to financial stability' from possible housing bubble. Bank of England policy makers agree to "closely monitor housing market indicators covering house price affordability and sustainability"...


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