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JPY Unchanged Despite Attempts to “Talk Down” Strength, USD Weakens


The U.S. dollar has ceded more ground overnight against its European counterparts. Commodity-backed currencies are rather flat even as the price of oil has rebounded 2.0%. Efforts to weaken the yen by Japanese officials fail to produce results...


USD Holds On To Weekly Gains, Lower Brexit Woes Do Not Help the GBP


The USD managed to hold on to its gains following the FOMC minutes. Although “Brexit” fears are starting to fade, the GBP weakened as BOE officials credited the poor economic situation to other risks beyond the possibility of the U.K. leaving the EU...


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GBP Falls to a New 30-Year Low as Brexit Becomes a Reality in the UK


The people of the United Kingdom have decided today to leave the European Union in a historic vote that has rattled the global markets and has sent the pound sterling crashing to levels unseen in the last three three decades...


USD Rebounds against European Majors but Registers Further Losses to JPY and NZD

Currency Wars

While the U.S. dollar was able to claw back some of its recent losses versus its European counterparts overnight, the greenback fell to fresh lows against the Japanese yen and the New Zealand dollar as a volatile trading week came to a close...


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The Week in Focus: Jun. 27 – Jul. 1 Outlook


The UK has voted to leave the EU. Markets reacted strongly, but not panicky. They could recover again in the medium term, as in our view an amicable divorce with a continued British membership in the single market is the likely scenario...


The Week in Focus: June 20 – 24 Outlook


Will Brexit become a messy divorce? The EU referendum vote in the UK is still very open but EU supporters are already sounding shrill warnings, signalling that the EU may deny the UK access to the single market after a Brexit decision...


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Post Brexit Fed, ECB, BOE and BOJ Watch


The world seems different these days following the Brexit vote and two days of a sell-off in the markets. The GBP is at its lowest level in three decades and the safe haven currencies are back in demand. So, what's next for the major central banks?


Yen Gains “Extremely Concerning”


Speaking about the possibility of intervention by the Bank of Japan to stem the alarming rise in the yen, the Japanese Minister of Finance expressed concern about the recent JPY rally, while the BOJ Governor said his focus is on price stability...


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