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The Bleeding Stops for the US Dollar; FX Market Volatility Fading


The USD registered its worst week in months, after the Fed hiked rates but offered a more dovish outlook citing uncertainties ahead, while political developments in Europe relaxed pre-elections anxiety and eased volatility in the currency market...


GDP in the U.S. Disappoints, Losses for the “Buck” Across the Board


In addition to poor economic data, the U.S. dollar is not only vulnerable to statements from the current administration as it pertains to global competitiveness, but also to its tone in managing relationships with neighbors and other nations...


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USD Sells Off Against All Majors after the Fed Hikes Rates As Expected

Eccles Building, Constitution Ave, from Mall

As anticipated, the Federal Open Markets Committee raised rates by 25bps today, but the USD came under pressure due to the lack of clear guidance by the U.S. central bank on the amount of future rates hikes for the rest of the year...


Employment Situation in the U.S. Improves, but the U.S. Dollar Sinks


Employment Situation figures in the U.S. validate the labor sector’s consistent good run, but the U.S. Dollar is not reaping any benefits. It’s likely that market reaction thus far reflects a sentiment of certainty over a March hike by the Fed...


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The Week in Focus: Mar. 27 – 31 Outlook


US and euro zone politics recently provided tailwinds to EUR/USD. However, amid ongoing political risks, the further euro upside should be limited. As the UK announces its Brexit intentions, GBP should also come under renewed pressure...


The Week in Focus: Mar. 20 – 24 Outlook


Currency markets look set to be in for a quiet week and the market will therefore likely focus on the fallout of the ECB and Fed policy. Political concern is likely to rise up the agenda, implying that the euro should lose ground against the USD...


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Commerzbank View of 2017: The year of politics

Happy New Year

Investors will have to keep a close eye on politics next year. We believe Donald Trump’s policies will stimulate economic growth and inflation only to a limited degree. That said, his election has triggered a long overdue reappraisal of the US economy...


Amplify Trading’s New Year Outlook


As we wind down an interesting year for the global markets, Amplify's Head of Trading, Piers Curran, provides his 2017 insights. Here is a summary of what Piers thinks about some of the biggest issues facing the global financial markets in 2017...


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